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What to Do If Your Girlfriend Needs Time

The one thing that many men dread hearing when they are in a relationship is that their girlfriend needs time. When a woman says she needs time or space most men instantly see a break up in their future. This isn’t always the case, and how a man reacts to hearing his girlfriend say this can determine the entire outcome of their future together.

The phrase itself has become synonymous with women who want to end their relationships without really addressing the reason. Instead of telling their boyfriend why they no longer care for them, they simply suggest they need time to think or space to sort out their feelings. This is actually the case quite often and as long as a man understands the steps he should be taking if he’s in this situation, he may actually be able to lure her back into more serious commitment than they had before.

First instinct of some men is to burst into tears and beg her to stay. This will do more harm than good if your girlfriend needs time. Instead you have to try and hold back the tears until you are alone and tell her that you agree. Most women have readied themselves for an argument and will be slightly stunned to hear that the man they’ve been seeing is in agreement about a separation.

You also must temporarily forget her cell phone number and email address. You’ll have the urge to write to her and to pour out your feelings all in an effort to make her see the mistake she’s making. Don’t do this. Instead make a promise to yourself that you won’t initiate any contact with her for at least a couple of weeks. Take it day-by-day. Keep yourself busy by completely focusing on your own life. The time will seem to move slowly but this is an important step in winning her back. Don’t falter on this. Remain true to your promise to yourself.

When you do hear from her, don’t be too eager to meet up. Let her ask a couple of time first and then when you do talk, allow her to fully express what she’s been feeling. In many cases, the time apart will have left an empty spot in her life that can only be filled by you.

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