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How Do I Make My Ex Girlfriend Miss Me? – Tips to Get Her Back

When my girlfriend decided we needed to go our separate ways I was heart broken. In my mind I had been planning our future. Apparently in her mind she was planning hers without me. We’d had some struggles but I didn’t think we were anywhere near splitting. It didn’t take long before I realized that being apart wasn’t something I wanted at all. I knew that simply telling her I wanted to get back together wouldn’t work. I had to make my girlfriend miss me.

In order to make my ex girlfriend miss me I needed to make myself scarce in her life. Even after we split, I’d try and contact her for various reasons. There were days when the need to hear her voice was so overwhelming that I’d call her answering machine and leave a message about how I hoped she was doing okay. I’d always tell her that I was thinking about her and looking back now I realize that it seemed to make her very uncomfortable.

I made a promise to myself not to contact her for several weeks. It felt like such a long time but I decided to approach it on a day by day basis. Each morning I’d ensure that I had a full, busy day so I wouldn’t have a chance to contact her. If I wanted to truly make my girlfriend miss me it meant no calls, no text and absolutely no emails. To help with that goal I deleted her information from my phone and computer.

I didn’t even have to wait the entire time I’d allotted to hear from her. Once I was no longer sitting waiting to talk to her, she realized it and wanted to talk with me. It’s important to remember that a woman can’t miss you if you’re always right there. If you really want her to feel your absence, cut off all contact for at least a few weeks. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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